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Summer EXCELerator

Life as a Chancellor’s Science Scholar begins before students set foot on campus for their first year. A six-week immersion program called the Summer EXCELerator introduces them to the collaborative approach that is a hallmark of the CSS program and provides them with a head start to the STEM degree experience. At the conclusion of Summer EXCELerator, scholars will have earned seven credit hours towards their degree, familiarized themselves with campus buildings and resources, and built strong connections with their fellow cohort members, forming the basis of a valuable support network that will follow them through their undergraduate years.

The CSS experience starts with a six-week immersion program designed to introduce scholars to STEM life at Carolina, while building the connections and relationships that will form the basis of their cohort community.

Key aspects of the Summer EXCELerator experience include:

  • Communication and Math seminars (3 credit hours each)
  • Chemistry seminar (1 credit hour)
  • Lab tours
  • Academic workshops to introduce students to a variety of STEM subjects and promote academic success at a research university
  • Professional development workshops
  • Cohort-building activities

The Chancellor’s Science Scholars Program covers all Summer EXCELerator expenses, including course tuition, room and board, and fees associated with program activities.

The hardest and most rewarding summer I’ve ever had, filled with my forever people.
-CSS 9 scholar