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Selection Criteria

What do we look for in a future Chancellor’s Science Scholar? We look for talented, driven students from every background who are passionate about using science and technology to solve the world’s problems. Students who are a good fit for CSS embody our core values:

Academic Excellence

We look for strong students who challenge themselves with rigorous courses in high school, especially in STEM fields, and who are dedicated to continuing their pursuit of academic excellence in college. Many CSS scholars also join Honors Carolina and are able to take advantage of the unique opportunities that program provides.


We look for students who are curious about the world and want to dive into the many opportunities for hands-on experience in Carolina’s cutting-edge research labs and field sites. Interested in studying infectious diseases, experimenting with artificial intelligence programs, building nanodevices, developing new medications and mechanisms for drug delivery, or exploring quantum mechanics and the universe, among many other things? Carolina is the place for you! Research experience is NOT required in order to be considered for CSS, but if you do have any experiences with research or project-based STEM work, be sure to highlight them on your Common Application.


We look for students who recognize the value of an inclusive society and who are committed to advancing and broadening participation within science, technology, and math disciplines. Our scholars will become the world’s next scientific leaders, champions for inclusion in science and technology, and role models for future generations of STEM talent.


We look for students who are eager to join a collaborative community of like-minded peers: an instant support system that will encourage you through difficult times and provide motivation as you pursue your goals. Our scholars are open-minded, ambitious, friendly, supportive, and team-oriented.


On top of these values, we seek students who have the courage and resilience to persevere in the face of obstacles. STEM degree programs can be challenging. Research setbacks will happen. The road to your personal and professional goals may have twists and turns. CSS has many resources to help, but the most important driver of success comes from your own determination to never give up.