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Naga Ritvika Yeyuvuri, UNC '26

Naga Ritvika

Cohort 10

Hometown: Cary, NC

Major: Computer Science and Business Administration

Research Interest: Applying computer science and machine learning to astrophysics and space exploration

I think it's exciting to be a part of challenging environments, because it motivates me to go as far as I can to solve a problem.

What attracted you to the CSS program and Carolina?

The community and career opportunities. Coming into CSS, I wanted to be a part of a community where I could feel supported but also challenged and motivated. And for me, I saw CSS to be exactly that. But I also wanted to attend a college where I could explore a large number of career and research opportunities. Being able to research interdisciplinarily between computer science and astrophysics was really important to me as they were the two subjects that I enjoyed the most. I know I can pursue that with support at UNC.

What are you most looking forward to experiencing at Carolina over the next four years?

I am most looking forward to is participating in research on campus and getting to dive deeper into the topics that interest me. But also, I am excited for the college journey and possibly the things I can learn and contribute to Carolina.

What research topic(s) are you interested in exploring and why?

I am really interested in applying computer science to conduct research in the astrophysics field and learning about how new advancements of technology, like machine learning, can assist our efforts in space exploration. Astronomy was one of the first subjects that I learned and, as a kid, it fascinated me. I would spend hours just trying to read books about space and doing practice experiments I found in them. And, in high school, I was really involved in my robotics team and computer science clubs where I found connections between space and computer science. And, after writing my first research paper on the implications of dark energy within the context of general relativity and quantum mechanics, I knew I wanted to participate in this field.

What is one thing you hope to accomplish in your future STEM career?

I want to work in the industry after completing a STEM degree, specifically the technological advancement industry. I think it’s exciting to be a part of challenging environments, because it motivates me to go as far as I can to solve a problem. I love learning about space exploration, so I would hope to be somewhere where I pursue both of these passions.